What Is The SFM?

WHAT IS THE SFM (Six Figure Mentors)?


Rob Sewell


So what is the SFM or Six Figure Mentors?  First let’s give you some context.  In 2009 co-founder Stuart Ross admitted that his biggest frustration after starting to work online was that he kept doing things that he thought would benefit and help to grow his online business, but often what he was seeing was that it was having the opposite effect, and he realised very quickly that he was taking a lot of misleading information and guidance, because he was following advice that he was finding for free online.  Now there’s lots of free advice online that is amazing and we consume a lot of information such as podcasts and “hacks” on Youtube channels etc,  and as an online business owner Stuart was a following lots of blogs and was a member of forums doing research and everything else, but it was impossible to know if the advice he was reading or receiving was one of quality and he didn’t really know the person that he was getting advice from.  In one of the forums that he was involved with he started to realise that 90% of the information that he was receiving, was from people who didn’t really know what they were talking about.  It was like the blind leading the blind.   He realised quickly that people who were successful were not handing out free advice online.  It’s human nature that we want to help people but most of the information out there was inaccurate and many people were just out to make quick money and benefit themselves, that was the reality  So Stewart had an idea based on the things that had worked best for him.  When he researched a coach or took on a mentor he found the most effective people (the people who were making the biggest impact), were those who were really walking the walk, because they’d achieved a certain financial status within their business.  Now that’s not the be all and end all but it is a great measuring point, a great reflection of how successful someone’s business is.  That doesn’t mean that whoever’s making the most money has the best business, but Stuart is a strong believer that if people are really taking action on good business advice, and those giving it have been there and done it, the chances are that they will go on to have a successful business financially.  So Stewart wanted to make sure that in his business, the SFM,  when he took on students, he could create an environment where they would know that the advice they were getting was from credible people that had credentials, that he trusted.  Mentors that students could trust to try out what they suggest.  Stuart is a big believer that you should try things out with an open mind.  If you’re going to follow someone’s advice nothing is ever for sure but you’ll probably agree that if people have been there and done it, they’re probably going to give you some good advice and can be able to shed some good light which is worth listening to.  So when Stuart launched the Six Figure Mentors his idea, which is still the same now, is that anybody doing the trainings, webinars, speaking from the stage at live events, or doing 1 to 1 mentorship, have to at least have a six figure business.  It’s nothing to do with any income promise, it is all about Stuart making sure that the highest quality people are doing the training. This way SFM members have the peace of mind that the mentors have, and are, walking the walk, and that’s why Stuart was able to get traction with his customers so quickly making sure the advice that was given is always proven.  That was the idea behind it. 


Stuart Ross & Jay Kubessak



So what is the SFM or Six Figure Mentors?  It is an entrepreneurial incubator if you like, showing people how to succeed in the digital economy.  What Stuart has done is to create a linear program, a step-by-step platform where people can learn the real fundamentals, the key core principles to online business so people can quickly see results in their business.  It’s a way to show some of the most proven business models that exist, especially those for newbies, and then teach people the exact strategies and steps of money producing activities to follow in order to get the results that they are looking for, which of course is a profitable online business.  It’s a training program, it’s about proving to yourself that you can succeed online, make your first sale online, whether as an affiliate, for your e-commerce business selling physical products, or a service you want to provide such as coaching.  The most important core skill which all of SFM members learn is online marketing, that’s because the lifeblood of any business is always lead Generation and generating sales.  You can have the best product in the world, the best website in the world, but if no one knows it exists then guess what you’re not going to be successful with your business.  The key skill that you will get as a member of the SFM, their online academy, community, and exclusive private environments that they have, is that you’re going to learn online marketing from true experts, people who have applied what we teach and are 6 or 7 figure business owners.  You can have that complete peace of mind that if you spend your time listening to these people, that these people really can walk the walk when it comes to online business education.  So hopefully that gives you an insight into what the SFM is:  An exclusive private community training program to get people making money and building businesses online.





Rob Sewell

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