The Top 10 Gems Of Marketing

Shape Your Future Online’s Top 10 Gems Of Marketing


If someone handed you treasure chest full of jewels, what would you do?

Would you store it away?

Would you rack your brains as to why anyone would give away something so precious?

Well, wonder no more! I’m giving you the wealth of knowledge I’ve gathered to build my online business. I want to share what I’ve learned because I believe there’s enough success out there for everyone to have their fair share.


I want you to succeed! Don’t hide these gems away. The secret with these gems is… they’re only precious WHEN YOU USE THEM.

Come on… let’s dig into the treasure chest.


#1 Be Authentic


There are too many people trying to be something they are not.  That is something you cannot keep up forever.  Having a presence on the internet doesn’t mean trying to please all of the people all of the time.  By being yourself you will attract followers who are like you and want to be around you.  There is only one you, be yourself, warts and all, and you will gain the respect of your followers.


#2 Provide Value


Be sure to PROVIDE VALUABLE INFORMATION to your prospects and your customers through:

• Ebooks, emails, and blog posts

• Audio and video content

• A combination of the the above (you need to cater for the different learning modalities of different people)

The value you offer your prospects and customers will return to you exponentially. It’s priceless.


#3 Build An Email List


Never expect people to buy something from you immediately.

Some instant decision makers who have a pressing problem to solve will do that. Digital, physical, no matter the item or service – many people think everything’s a scam until they try it out. And they won’t try until YOU build a relationship with people first.

So, when you know there’s a problem you have the ability to solve:

• Find your target audience

• Build that email list/database

• Develop those relationships

When you do these things, sales will naturally follow.


#4 Advertise Wisely


When developing a profitable online business, advertising gets you the fastest results. But…

… you need to manage your advertising budget wisely to ensure consistency when building your email list.

Also, choose your advertising strategy carefully.  It will depend on where your target customer goes for information and advice and also what suits your skill set.  You’ll need to stick to that choice ‘through thick and thin’.

Your choices include:

• Slow but (almost) free advertising, like blogging and video marketing

• Pay-Per-Click advertising, like Google adwords and Facebook – a bit faster, and not terribly expensive

• Offline advertising, like leaflet drops and print ads – affordable but not targeted

Free ads take time to gain momentum, whereas paid ads can start working immediately, though they stop when you stop paying.

Whatever way you decide to advertise, master that platform, and become proficient at building your email list to a point where you can easily scale up that advertising.


#5 Target Quality Prospects


Get to know your audience. Who are they? Where do they hang out? What are their primary problems?

But even before you figure out who they are, figure out who you are by working out what your values,  vision, mission, and purpose are.

You need to know exactly what you have to offer, and how you want to provide valuable content and information per #2 above – which means attracting the right people to you by how you tell your story on your website.

Once I’d worked out my ‘About Us’ story, I was able to focus on my audience. You’ll do the same.

To build your audience and email list (email database):

• Stick with one source for paid ads until you attract prospects on auto-pilot

• Seek targeted quality people as opposed to sheer quantity of people

• Build a value-driven relationship with your audience

Targeting the wrong people is like flushing your money down the toilet, and is a huge waste of your time and effort too.  Believe me, I’ve made that mistake.


#6 Leverage Other People’s Products


Some people never start an online business because they are mistaken to believe that they need to do something no one has ever thought of before!

It’s not true at all – leveraging other people’s products is a massive (multi billion dollar) industry.

Ways to leverage other people’s products include:

• Affiliate marketing. While/If you develop your own products, find others that are a good fit with what you’re passionate about

• If you have your own products or services on offer on your website, find other complementary products and offer them on your site too

• Keep looking for new, different, exciting options to promote


#7 Promote High Value Products


Complementing #6, this is how you make the real money and find success.

When you promote higher value products (anything over $1,000), your marketing efforts are rewarded way more richly than if you promote $100 products. Your marketing efforts are the same, but the commissions are much greater.  This also enables you to compete of the higher paid marketing platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

Where do you find high-ticket products to promote as an affiliate?

• Visit the websites of the companies offering big ticket items

• Find out if they have an affiliate program

• Apply to be an affiliate and enjoy offering huge value to the right target audience.


#8 Have Residual Income Products


Make sure you have products that work for you while you’re developing new products or ideas (if that’s what you want to do).

Having just one or two of them will bring in bread and butter income while you are out there bringing in the steak!

Try pulling together:

• Monthly newsletters where people pay a small amount each month

• A series of one-page information sheets, where you charge per sheet

• Any type of regular subscription that fills a need for your clients and customers

These regular streams of income will turn into a river of residual success.


#9 Keep It Simple And Consistent


Starting an online business can seem overwhelming and bring people to the point where they think they ‘can’t do it’.  Breaking down what you have to do into smaller bite size pieces and taking consistent action everyday will lead you toward building a profitable online business.  However long that takes.  Don’t be attached to getting a certain result within a certain time, be Committed to making it happen.  When you make that distinction you will be well on your way to success.

Some words of wisdom to live by – Those who can, do. Those who can’t, outsource!

So, move forward consistently.

You will achieve by:

• Building your list, consistently

• Blogging, consistently

• Broadcasting, consistently

If something isn’t working then learn from it and move forward.


#10 Get A Mentor


Gems #1-9 really mean nothing without proper guidance.  Sure you can make it on your own, but to be successful you would be crazy not to use the advice of others.

A mentor:

• Guides you so you don’t take too many wrong turns

• Encourages you when you feel overwhelmed

• Educates you and pushes you forward.

Instant success is a myth.  Abundance is out there for us all if we are willing to put in the work, and more importantly reach out for help.

Having someone who has walked the walk and been through what you’re going through is key.  Too many people (~ 90%) try to go it alone in starting an online business  and end up giving up.

I didn’t make up any of these 10 marketing gems, I learned them all from mentors. It’s up to you what to do with what i’ve learned.

The future is digital. Get ahead of the crowd. An article in Time magazine stated that by 2045, 40% of jobs will be replaced by robots!

Get to grips with the digital world. Decide to change. Be open-minded to learn new skills.

It’s your turn now. Will you bury these gems away for the winter and forget about them, or will you use them and build an online business in 2019?

One little decision. One first step. Give it a try. Give it time. Give it your all.

And have fun doing it 🙂

All the best



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