My Midlife Transformation

My Midlife Transformation


I’d like to share a story with you about my midlife transformation, to see if I can help you, just as others once helped me.

First, to set the context, a picture, taken by my wife, the last time I drank:

Before this was taken I had smashed up my kitchen, scared my wife and two children beyond comprehension, been thrown out of my best friends house for being abusive towards his wife and then bought four pizzas (of which I had only eaten one slice).

The next day 10 members of my family made an intervention and I admitted I was an alcoholic and needed help.

This was at the beginning of 2017, I lost my corporate job and was faced with a £70K dept, on top of my mortgage, along with a whole lot of bridges to build with my family and friends.

I sold my house to pay off my debts and to invest my time and effort into my recovery.  Through self development and meditation I was able to take an introspective look at what was important to me and what my real purpose in life was.  A midlife transformation was taking place.  When I felt well enough to return to work a year later I went for an interview for a corporate sales role ( my career for the previous 10 years).  When I left the interview I broke down and cried.  Why?  It wasn’t because the interview had gone badly.  It was because I realised that if I went back down the same path that I had been going on that I would just manifest the same results that I had alway got in life and it was there and then I realised that ultimately I would fail as a husband and a father.


It inspired me to pivot. To re-educate, re-invent, and re-skill myself. It was a major turning point in my life.  Maybe you’ve had one too? Or maybe you’re in a transition right now, wondering what’s in store?

My new journey began when I opened my eyes to the alternative cash flow strategies available online in this digital age – options which simply weren’t available 10 years ago.

I’d become fed up of spending too much time traveling, working each week for companies who didn’t care about me, and I felt claustrophobic having to follow someone else’s schedule and take holidays when they dictated.

I didn’t want to go on living like that for another 5, 10, 20 years!

There had to be something better out there for me!

I’d stuck with my careers for 20 years because it’s what we thought I was supposed to do!

I’d invested heavily in my education, so mistakenly believed I’d have a career for life (I’ve also been made redundant twice)!


Maybe you’ve fallen into that trap too?


Be enquiring. Focus on life first, rather than earning first. Be more intentional. Sometimes you just know it’s time to do something different.

Before long, I’ve started getting results, making sales, empowering others. It felt wonderful – to help others (still does) – as previously I’d been a taker in all aspects of my life. It’d been ALL about me.

Friends noticed the change in me – and asked me about it. I simply said:

“I’m reading new books, learning new skills, listening to new mentors, and practicing new habits”.

Looking back at my career: I’d stagnated; become complacent; even lazy!

When I turned my back on Corporate Britain and jumped headfirst into referral marketing I didn’t know I’d be able to make YouTube videos, host webinars, or write a  blog, or write emails like this. Nor did I believe I could inspire people to follow in my tracks. But people have.

Another thing we didn’t bank on is, our online business would give us two things in such abundance:


Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d have the freedom and flexibility to spend so much time with my wife and children, have the time to work in my community with charities helping people with drug and alcohol addictions, control my own schedule, meet so many extraordinary students, learn to share and give without judgement.

Heck, in the beginning, I didn’t even ask questions of the people I knew already had success doing what I was learning to do. Which is crackers, right? I’m still not sure, to this day, why – whether I was too proud to ask questions, or stupidly thought I had to reinvent the wheel, or that my questions were too dumb to ask. That simple fact set me back about five months. Imagine how much that is in foregone cash flows!!!!

My earlier reticence to ask questions IS WHY I HELP OTHERS NOW – to answer their questions. To give back.

I find it very rewarding to help and inspire others – to share their A-ha! Moments – to share their little wins – to share their success.

I never thought I’d ‘get my head round’ Facebook (never really touched it as an employee) or Youtube, let alone blogging and recording videos. However, I’d learned I could inspire others by embracing those platforms – just as I’d been inspired. I wanted to answer people’s questions, just like I’d been helped.

And so it goes today…

I’m sharing this because you’ve probably seen seen my posts, facebook, and videos out there.

But behind it all, you’re probably not aware this impressionable ‘nobody’ still pinches himself regularly over the quality of life I now have, and how lucky I am to have made a second crack at life.

We all only get ONE life.

It’s not a dress rehearsal.

So, maybe you never believed you could learn to be a referral marketer too?

Perhaps you’re thinking: “oh it’s OK for them, they [insert whatever justification pops into your head]”

But it’s something anyone can learn. There’s nothing special about me. I wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I don’t have a sordid rags to riches story either. Just a simple normal upbringing.

Here’s the thing:

ANYONE with the right system can create profitable online cashflow streams – even if you don’t currently know the first thing about earning from online marketing, or running a business for that matter…

You simply need ambition and a willingness to learn – that’s all I had.

It’s not unrealistic to assume you can learn to do it too. If you really want to.

I think the only edge I had was – I didn’t know I was supposed to have an edge!

Call it naïve – but I didn’t even know I was entrepreneurial or I needed to think differently for success! My first videos were cringeworthy. As I’ve already mentioned, I thought I couldn’t write to save my life (that’s another story). I thought Facebook was for kids…

Perhaps your interested in having a business and lifestyle like mine?

Maybe you want to live a laptop lifestyle where you can build a business around your lifestyle using a laptop and an internet connection – so you set your own hours, uncap your earnings, and generate what you’re truly worth.

If that’s something of interest to you – I have a suggestion for you.

If you want an online business which gives you flexibility and freedom to do whatever makes your heart sing, you probably need to do what I did right after I watched a 7 part video training series, which I can share with you.

What did I do?

–    I studied the best referral marketing course online today

–    I stepped up my education a notch by taking all the curriculum, to position myself to for the strongest start

–    And I took fearless action – failing my way forward

Can you copy that and do the same?

Here’s my simple suggestion how:

Take the first step to learn to be a referral marketer – where you recommend other people’s products online and get paid commissions for selling them. You’ll learn how to advertise and market using proven websites and sales funnels.

Remember, it’s no problem at all if you have no experience with online marketing, this training can help put you in a position to be able to make thousands per sale in a matter of weeks.

Once you learn the referral marketing business model and you’re set up to start making these commissions, you’ll have the ability to make them over and over again like clockwork.

The training is designed for the average person (like me), and assumes you know nothing about business, computers or sales whatsoever.  The average SFM member is 47 years old without any advanced computer, sales or business experience. It simply doesn’t matter how much you know or don’t know to do this business.

Can you use email? Surf the Web? Copy and paste? Then you have all the “skills” you need to get started.

People from almost every background, occupation, and walk of life, are using this business model and education as a chance to quit their jobs and build a secure lifestyle and legacy for themselves and their families in today’s digital world.

What’s being offered is a genuine Business Model and Program that’s designed to help you secure your future in an extremely fast-changing digital world.

It’s step-by-step, so you’ll be shown exactly what to do and save you time, frustration and money.

You’ll have more support than you imagine.

It’s your turn.

If you feel like you are going through a midlife transformation and are looking for a different way of working then affiliate (referral) marketing maybe something worth investigating.


It changed my life.


Thanks for reading.



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