Ignite Your Passion For Work

Ignite Your Passion For Work Using Your Purpose and Vision


Here we really dig into some of the details of what it takes to find your life purpose and vision, and ignite your passion for work.

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you do not have a life passion. Most people do not have a life passion. I would say ninety nine percent of the population does not have this part of their life handled and they are missing out on so much.

Why are we like this? Well, most people don’t want to do the work. Its as simple as that. You can’t expect your passion to fall from the sky, you have to find it. Sometimes at the sacrifice of other things in your life like crap TV, your job, maybe even your relationship. You really have to take a step back from your current life to assess this. So many of us are just going through the motions in our lives, and can have those moments when we suddenly realise “how the hell did I get to this point in my life?”


Finding Your Passion

So how do we find our real passion in life? Through experiencing life! How many people are living their life in a little bubble of work, eat, sleep, repeat? How many of us are living by the conformations imposed on us by society and the media? We need to wake up and think outside of the box. We have become very inauthentic, not by conscious choice but by the continuous drip feeding of modern culture and materialism so that we don’t truly know who we really are, what we really want. If you did know who you are, then your passion would be completely, glaringly obvious to you. Ask yourself these questions: Is what you are doing in your life right now really important to your authentic self? Who is your authentic self? Have you really discovered your purpose in life? If you knew then you would have that passion we are talking about. It’s finding out who you really are and developing a very strong sense of identity, it’s expanding your horizons and just living life, exploring. Exploring is important. See what is out there. The world is as wide as your life is thin. Go out there and do some discovery work. Your starting point is right now. If you don’t like aspects of your life now, if you’re unhappy, then you can take that as a positive and come to the realization that you must make a change in your life.

So how to ignite your passion for work? First of all you need to change your mindset to what is possible. Look around you, there are infinite possibilities. People do a wide range of things with their life, things they are hugely passionate about. Are you stuck in a job that for the last 5, 10, 20 years feels like it will be the death of you? You think you are but you’re not, you just think you are. The only thing that’s getting you out of your situation is you. “Well” I hear you say, “I need the money”, “I don’t have the education”, “I have too many responsibilities”. Find a way to get around these issues. Borrow money, go to college, do whatever it takes. You won’t regret it. I was so unhappy in my career I became dependent on alcohol just to get through the day. I didn’t know any other way to survive so I kept on doing what I was doing until I became so unhappy I just gave up and lost my job. After 6 months I decided to make a positive change in my life and I sold my house and went out of my way to gain mentor ship to become an internet entrepreneur; because my passion in life is to reach out to any person in the world who is struggling in life and give them hope and direction to become truly happy. Were my family skeptical at first? Yes, but now they see I’m building a strong business with strong foundations, a good community around me and I am providing them not only with a financially secure future that we could never dream of before, but with the time to spend with my wife and children that not many people ever have the chance to offer.


Test the Water

Get out there and make life work for you. Test the water. What is it about the current job that’s such a pain point for you? Why are you so bored or frustrated? Do you feel too isolated and want to be more interactive? Look for a role that offers you to use more social skills. Perhaps you want the opposite, your a little shy and struggle with a customer facing role? Then look for a role with less interaction. Perhaps you would like to work for a smaller company as you just feel like a spoke on a wheel? Or perhaps you are fed up with management and would like to be your own boss (I hear this a lot)? When you figure out the things you don’t like about your career then those are valuable. You can now use those to intelligently decide what your next test in life is going to be. You’re testing stuff out. So what are you going to do now? Well the easy thing would be to try something say in a similar industry, but with aspects of a role that fits more with your personality and needs. That’s great, your starting to learn more about yourself by being more authentic; maybe from here you may look to expanding things further. Maybe you are liking how you are developing as a person and want to get out of your comfort zone and be more creative? Perhaps you feel you have lots of experience and would like to work with people in more of a mentor role, or as a consultant. Now you need to align with that, experiment and develop. You may need two or three roles spanning a few years to accomplish this, to put in the work, but this is how to start having real passion where your problems in life will begin to fade away. It’s powerful.




To really develop you need to be out there exploring more in life. Read a variety of different subjects you may find a passion for something there. Maybe that could lead you to furthering your education, It’s never too late (I have a friend who is 55 who is going to university this year). Travel always broadens your mind, even if its just somewhere different in your own country. If you live in the city, go out to the country or visa versa and interact with people, learn something. Meeting new people is important in gaining new perspectives. Learn what passions others have, pick their brains. Write a journal or blog, take photos or videos, get out into the world. If your feeling adventurous then move town, experience something different, get out of your comfort zone. Remember the only thing stopping you, is you.

More generally, try new things. Food, magazines, film, people, places, things. Do different things and your life will change and become richer, more fulfilling, and will open new ideas in your mind.

One last thing, spend periods of time by yourself, in isolation. Get yourself out for a walk in nature or meditate for example. This is very important, because it gets you in touch with your higher self, your authentic self. Ideas will just start to pop-out at you. You’ll start discovering what you don’t like about all things, and the things that you do like. Ignite your passion.


What Does Passion Look Like?


When you have Passion you don’t have major worries in life. You are propelled out of bed not dragged. You are open to new ideas and concepts. You are fearless in your approach to life as you are living it on your terms. Passion isn’t something you can see or touch, it consumes you and becomes you. Passion means you will never fail.

This doesn’t happen overnight and won’t happen by reading one book or going out for one walk, it takes time and effort. It took me six months of deep introspection to realize that my passion in life is to help people who are suffering. Suffering from depression, anxiety, addiction, and deep unhappiness. Why? Because I have suffered from all of these conditions while feeling stuck and not realizing that I was the one keeping myself in chains. I don’t want people to go through the same experience. I am developing online businesses which give me the time and opportunity to reach out to people online through social media, blogging, and front line service within my local community.

Have a great week, thanks for reading.


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