How I Quit The Rat Race

Want To Know How I Quit The Rat Race To Live From A Position Of Ease And Grace?

I can tell you, it wasn’t easy and took some radical lifestyle changes, but it was so worth it.  Let’s put how I quit the rat race into some context first.  From an early age I was always interested in science, I remember watching David Attenborough on TV at 5 or 6 years old and being aware that everything was alive and in constant flux and I just knew I had to pursue this as a career.  Following my schooling I eventually got to University (after an extended 5 year period of extreme narcotic experimentation) and studied Biomedical science followed by a PhD in Cancer Immunology.  This lead to a 10 year career as an academic research scientist at a prestigious cancer research institute.  When I started on this journey I was filled with a vision, a passion, and a purpose in my life and career.  However, towards the end of this career I found myself disillusioned.   You see, I always saw myself as someone born to give service to others, which you could say I was doing, but I found that the scientific environment was one of high competition and big ego, with people out for themselves, trying to build their name and reputation.  Coupled to that my relationship with my sons mother broke down and when he was only 18 months old she left, leaving me alone to look after Oscar in London with no family support network.  It was a difficult time.  I was working 12 hours a day and expected to do more.  My living costs, which included ridiculous child care costs, were greater than my income.  I was living in a one bedroom apartment, sleeping in the same bed as my son.  My vision, passion, and purpose was replaced with anxiety, depression, and alcohol.  I remember waking up one day with a terrible hangover looking in the mirror and just thinking “Is this it?  Is this all life holds for me?  Slaving away, trading all my time for money, and not even enough money to get by”.  I decided I needed a change in my life, so I took action.  What did I need?  I needed more flexible working hours, I needed more money, and I wanted I car so I could get myself and my son out of the depressing inner city London where we lived at the time.  So I got into sales in the Life Science industry.  I knew the customer (the scientist) as I used to be it.  At first I loved it,  my hours although long were more flexible as I was based from home and so I could take my son to school and collect him on occasion.  I was earning more money and had less childcare costs, and I had a company car so we could get out of the city on the weekends.  In addition to this I met a wonderful woman and we were quickly married (still married after 11 years).  I had my second child, a daughter Yasmin.  Then with a promotion I had the chance to move back north to my home city of Sheffield (where we had free babysitters, my parents..LOL).  All was looking good, the future looked bright, but was it?

Looking back I can see at this point in this newly formed second career, that I had no vision, no passion, and no purpose.  Well maybe there was some purpose, but it was not what I know my purpose now to be.  My purpose at that time in my life was to climb the corporate ladder and make more money so I could spend more money.  That was it.  Looking back on it, what a pathetic life that was .  Any progress or achievement I made was purely professional within the corporate environment.  Climbing the corporate ladder and seeking those promotions and higher salaries that I thought would make me happy and content just made my life worse.  That time flexibility I had at the start went right out of the window.  As I progressed in the company I became more and more busy, travelled more and more, to the point where I was conducting my family affairs on Skype.  I’ve always had an issue with drugs and alcohol and since their recreational use in the 1990s have turned to them from time to time to deal with some anxieties in my life. However 5 years into my sales and marketing career their use got deeper and deeper.  I became very unhappy generally with all aspects in my life and felt a loss of direction.  On the outside you would say he has it all:  The great career, 3 degrees, wife, children, house, car, holidays etc etc.  Inside I felt like the soul was being dragged out of me, inside I was dying, and dying, and dying.  I felt like I couldn’t see any beauty in any aspect of my life.  My life became more and more dysfunctional; my anxiety rose, my depression deepened, and at the age of 43 after my second 10 year career,  I had to admit to myself and the world that I was an alcoholic and cocaine addict.

That was 18 months ago.  What happened next was I went into a period of recovery.  I threw myself into meetings such as AA, NA, an amazing drug and alcohol recovery group in my community called Kickback recovery, and I worked a 12 step program which I still do to this day.  One of the most important aspects of my recovery, which eventually lead me to how i quit the rat race and began starting an online business, was self development, self actualisation, and spiritual development.  Through coaching, online courses, and 2 hours of meditation and yoga a day I began to discover myself, my values and my purpose in life of helping and giving service to others.  In searching for and using content on the internet around these areas of development I came across a video series that changed my life.  The video was shot by Stuart Ross who is now one of my mentors. It demonstrated a linear system of how to set up a business and make money online.  Not a push button get quick rich scheme, but a step by step way of developing an online business whilst being mentored by those who have themselves developed multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses.  The education and community support I recieved showed me a different path, a gateway out of the misery of the corporate rat race and into the most incredible world of an online business based around my passion in life of helping others fulfill their true potential by breaking free of their passionless careers, and getting started in the digital economy.  Now I work towards my goals and my values, not those of a faceless corporation. Now I have time to spend with my family and to give back to my community.  Are you different from the crowd? Do you have a burning desire to get something more out of life than you have right now? A feeling you can achieve more. What if someone could show you the steps to drive you to reach the life of your dreams?  You can achieve time and financial freedom by building an online business based on just being yourself and around your skills, your passions and your interests. And I’m here to help.

Let’s get real here. Starting over is not easy, learning new skills and transitioning to having an online business, to a different way of working and living can be daunting and is not for everyone, but I can help you begin to achieve this if you are willing to put in the work.  This isn’t for everyone, it will involve hard work and investment. Its not a get rich quick scheme. We can supply you with the tools, training, and mentoring to help you build an online business for yourself and i can guarantee you’ll never be alone in doing it.

If this is resonating with you, if you have lost your passion for a once exiting career, you’re feeling that their must be more to life than you are being offered by society,
then I want to pass onto you all the resources at my disposal that I have used and learnt to get me from transitioning from an unfulfilled corporate slave to a happy, content, online entrepreneur.  If you CLICK HERE you can put in you name and email address and I will personally send you the same 7 day video series that got me started in the online space.

Let me show you how i quit the rat race.

Thanks for reading


Rob Sewell

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