Rob Sewell

How do we view the rich?  Do you hate rich people?  Do you think rich people are greedy and selfish. Do they look down on those who are poor and take advantage of them for their own gain?  Chances are if you have a bad relationship with money, which most of us develop in childhood, then you will feel this way.  We try to figure out where we compare with others around us and make assumptions based on what others such as our parents tell us, or by direct experience.  If we encounter someone who is rich and is not a favourable individual, then we tar everyone with the same brush.  Then you will always find bad examples of people because you are looking for them.  The bad people who are rich were bad to start off with.  Money just makes you more of who you are.  If Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandela had been handed a billion dollars, would they be bad?  I wouldn’t thinks so.  I would like to think that they would do extraordinary good things to help others with that windfall.  Look at people like Tony Robins or Bill gates who have foundations which contribute millions to a good cause.  Is that bad?  It is a self destructive conclusion to assume that having a lot of money is bad or evil.  Money is nothing but a tool to do what we want to do.  If we perceive it in a bad light then we can never attract big money in our lives.  If we can shift our mindset and realise that by having money we can create more value for others we can all be happy.  Money per se does not make us happy we know that, but having it gives us the ability to do what we want so it is required for happiness to a degree.  Of course that depends on what you do with that money.  I used to make good money in corporate sales but thought that houses, clothes, cars, and holidays were a sign of success and would make me happy.  I was wrong.  I negated any real spiritual development for over 20 years and ended up with alcohol and drug addiction.

After rehab I realised I didn’t want to go back to a life of sales so I performed an exercise where I wrote down all of the things I would like to do to make a positive impact on the world.  What specifically I would do and why.  Two of the main things I wrote down were to help people like me who were unfulfilled in their careers that they were once passionate about, and to help disadvantaged people get better access to drug and alcohol rehab.  Specifically I wanted to set up a life coaching business (which I’m currently developing), and to help fund a drug and alcohol recovery non profit organisation which I am involved with.  Both of these require having a surplus of money.  So when I become rich will I be good or bad?  I will be just be more of who I am.  Someone that wants to support and serve people in need.

So If you are not getting the financial results in life that you want, take a close look at your early experiences around money, your resulting beliefs about money, and how do we view the rich?  Are they keeping you stuck? If so, challenge some of your limiting beliefs about money and see if a more balanced view of money can help you improve your financial health.  Think about how important reaching your goals are to you.  Are you prepared to have a reality where you didn’t create that life you really want?  If not then you have to do whatever it takes to get it.  Get clear about what it is you want from life and that will help you work out what you have to do to get it.


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