Conquering Feelings

Conquering Feelings – Shape Your Mindset Series 4

In this episode I discuss how our minds and bodies work in tandem to create fear and how we can either re-train that communication to create a more positive outcome. Or better still to just sit and observe these feelings and truly understand they are not us and therefore cannot control us.

Are you ready to let go of letting your feelings run your life?

The objective of this series is to show you the transformations in mindset and paradigm shifts that I have been through since quitting the rat-race, drugs and alcohol, and my own ego bullshit! This is after months of coaching and spiritual development to bring me to a place where I have an entrepreneur mindset.

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Rob started his online business with zero experience in January 2018, and successfully transitioned from the corporate world into running his business from his laptop following a period of recovery from anxiety, depression, and Alcoholism.

He now spends his time guiding, helping and giving back to others so that they can create the lives they want to live. That could be spending more time with family and loved ones, travelling, building passion businesses using digital skills, or generally helping to make the world a better place through giving value.

Also Rob Is passionate about helping others with Drug and Alcohol problems and teaching about his experiences and leading people to a better outcome through self development. His online business lifestyle gives him the freedom to do this. He lives in Sheffield, England with his wife Som, and their two children Oscar and Yasmin.

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