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How A Career Change From Sales Brought Me Fulfilment In Life

How To Utilise The Digital Economy To Make A Career Change From Sales

If You Are looking to make a career change from sales then you may asking questions like “what exactly is it I’m going to do”? “How am I going to use my transferable skills”? “What career can I afford to transition to”? I’ll give you my opinion in just a minute. One thing’s for sure, I’m going to open your mind to possibilities you probably haven’t even considered. I hadn’t when I was looking for my career change from sales.

First of all one question I would ask YOU is: “why is it you have decided that enough is enough in sales”? Sick of commuting and traveling, the long hours, of not spending time with your family, sick of the pressure? I can relate to that. I worked in sales and marketing for the last 10 years of my corporate careers.

sick of pressure.  Need a career change from sales?

If you want to know how I transitioned out of the corporate sales world, utilised the digital economy, and my transferable skills to create a life of time and financial freedom for myself and my family, all by creating a business online, from scratch, without any prior experience, then read on.
If not then I wish you good luck finding your way out of the daily grind.

Now the idea of running an online business might seem like a million miles away for you right now when all you are looking for is to make a career change from sales, but if you hold on with me for another 1000 words, I will show you how this is possible for you too.

First let me tell you a little about my story.

My Career Transition From Sales

Do you know what my greatest fear in life was? It was that I would be stuck in, and no longer be able to break free from a 20 year career that I just no longer felt any love or passion for. A career for which I just didn’t want to get up for when a monday came around again.

Be honest how do you feel when you wake up for work on a monday morning? Are you filled with a vision, a passion, a purpose? Or is the corporate sales life dragging you down and you’re are filled with things like fear, and anxiety, and depression?

If you go back 20 years I was a guy with a vision, and passion, and purpose. I left university and went to London to become a scientist, but after 10 long years I just remember one day thinking “is this it? Is this all I’ve been working for”? Trading all my time for money, never spending any quality time with my wife and children, working for companies that don’t really give a damn about me (I’ve been made redundant twice).

A real depression fell over me at the time and I knew I needed a solution to my problem, which at the time as it has been many times in my life, was to have a career change. So I went in to various sales and marketing positions in the life science industry, and I traded another 10 years of my life away for money.

As I climbed corporate ladders looking for promotions to give me more responsibilities and more money, and thinking they would solve my problems in life, I just found they made things worse. I was working so hard for my family, yet paradoxically I was spending so much time away from my family and the ones I love. Can you relate to that?

I was just sick of the endless corporate rat race. I thought I would be stuck in that way of working and living forever and over the years my anxiety rose, my depression deepened, and at the age of 43 I had to admit to myself that I was an alcoholic.

my alcoholic lifestyle before my career change from sales

My condition became so bad that I lost my job and almost lost my home. However, retrospectively I see this as a gift. “A gift”? I hear you say. Well yes, a gift, because it was the wake up call that I needed to start pursuing a new beginning in my life.

I sold my home and took a year out to do intensive recovery from my alcohol addiction and through a whole lot of self development and introspection I tried to figure out what my next steps in life should be, but I couldn’t quite figure out what that was. The lightning bolt moment for me came when I decided to go for a sales interview, the only kind of work I knew what to go back to. I figured I’d just get back into work for 6-12 months and then start working out what my new direction should be in my career. When I came out of that sales interview , which had gone quite well, I unexpectedly just broke down and cried, because I realised in that moment that if I went back down the path that I’d always been on then all I would manage to do was to manifest exactly the same kind of results that I’d always got in my life, I would be unfulfilled, and that ultimately I would fail as a husband and a father.

The Digital Solution

It was around this time that I found a solution to all my problems. I came across a website where two business partners were talking about a life of time and financial freedom they had created for themselves and their families by learning digital marketing and building businesses online. Businesses where all they needed was a laptop and an internet connection and they were good to go. They were selling other companies products and services as well as their own 24/7 using automated systems.

What they were offering wasn’t a ‘push button get rich quick scheme’ (they don’t exist as far as I am aware), but a linear step by step approach to building a business and making multiple income streams online, whilst at the same time being mentored in a community by those who themselves have 6, 7, and even 8 figure online businesses.

Having interacted with their company I began to realise that building an online business wasn’t just about making an income, it was also about creating a completely different way of living where you can work when you want and build income streams based around your interests in life. When I truly understood what the digital economy could do for me, that’s when I fully committed to doing learning their strategies and I’ve been developing multiple income streams online since the beginning of 2018.

Me Following a career change from sales

I believe one of the greatest transferable skills you can have when starting an online business is having a background in sales. Whilst it is not essential by any means and direct sales are of course not needed (especially when promoting other companies products), understanding how to communicate your message is very important. It makes it so much easier to get up and running if you have a sales background. That’s why making a career change from sales into setting up an online business is such a great option for you.

I’m so grateful that I found that education because now my life looks completely different. No longer are there any long hours, any traveling or commuting. In fact the journey to my place of work is now just 58 steps from the edge of my bed, down two flights of stairs to my home office where I run my own online business where I’m the boss, and I call the shots. I get to spend quality time with my wife and with my children, and I have time in my day for things like meditation, yoga, and reading.

Seeking an answer to a career change from sales

I’ve learned to create several income streams from promoting others products (affiliate marketing), setting up web stores, and I’m currently setting up my own online life coaching business. Who knows what the future holds as once you know how to sell online you can sell anything. All this coming from a position where I didn’t know anything about online marketing at the beginning of 2018. I have learned through my education how to set up online business from scratch with no prior experience.

I have realised that when we are looking for a new direction in life, all we really need is the step by step guidance to realise the life of our dreams. We can find fulfilment, and time and financial freedom by understanding what the digital economy can do for us and build online businesses based around our skill sets, our intrests, our passions in life, and I’m here to help.

Now let’s get real here, transitioning from a corporate career, a “normal” way of working, to creating an online business, it’s not for everyone. It requires hard work, effort and determination, and the education I used provides the tools, training, and mentoring to make this a reality for anyone wishing to put in the commitment. In addition to that, with the community I am involved with, you will never be alone in making your online business work for you.

If my story is resonating with you, if you’ve lost your passion for a once exciting career or you want a new direction in life, and you are committed to making that change, I will share with you a free video series that helped me to get started online. This video is shot by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubasek who’s education I used to put me in the position where I can now generate multiple income streams online. The video series show in detail a step by step process of how to set up a business online and generate multiple income streams. How to make your first sale online, how to make your first 10 sales online, and how to scale up your online business to earn way more than you ever could by just trading your valuable time for money in a corporate role.

If you click on the banner below put in your name and email details (or in any opt in box on this website) I will send the free video series straight to you.

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If the videos resonate with you then that’s great, you may have just found the new direction in life you are looking for. If not then no worries you can unsubscribe from my emails anytime and the videos are free so you have nothing to lose. Whilst the videos are free that doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable so please watch listen and learn. Those videos showed me a path out of the corporate rat race and into a life of freedom and fulfilment where I get to spend real quality time with my wife and children and get to live my life on my terms.

What would you do with real time and financial freedom? Spend more time with your family, with your children? Maybe you could travel the world? Don’t forget all you need is a laptop and an internet connection and you are good to go. You’re not tied down to one geographical region and your online business can travel with you. Or perhaps you have a passion or interest in life? You can build an online business around that. Check out the videos and find out how.

Starting an online business is the best decision I ever made. If you’re fed up in sales then this might just be what you’re looking for.

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  1. Susan Patricia Connor Lewis

    Love the if you ant tooo… description and then the staight to the point ” if not then….” The open arms … asleep on the couch and back to you open arms are really terrific. A passive flow of interest guides the viewer subsconscously into the smiling [ cheeky] face at the bottom.

    Point about putting the picture on the bottom right as this would include more people in the open armmed space to the left of the Rob picture. Just a thought as this would remove lot of the white space near the end of the post as the Thank for reading can appear to come frpom your muth [ per sai]

  2. Hey Rob – totally relate to finding myself in this position of years of hard work to find out it wasn’t the solution and asking ‘ well what now?? It’s a daunting place to be in for sure! Thank you for sharing your perspective and another possibility that is available!

  3. Ieva and Eduards Jaunberzins

    Overall very well written blog post. It is one of the best blog posts I have read so far. The only potential problem I could see with it is that it`s too long. I could see your reader losing attention in some areas of the post. I would suggest to shorten up your personal story- give a condensed version but still drive the point across of why you switched to online marketing. All in all though it was very well written and there were multiple spots that I think will catch your readers attention (mainly parts where you talk about time, financial, and geographical freedom).

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