Are You Trapped in a Prison of Your Own Making?

Are You Trapped in a Prison of Your Own Making? – Are you Engaging in Life?

Are you stuck in a rut and just going through the motions in your career and life? Does everything feel pretty hollow? Maybe you are just a little too comfortable in your life and getting complacent and lazy with no real purpose making you unhappy? Are you really engaged in life? Throw in depression and an alcohol problem and I was all of these things 10 months ago, my own worst enemy. Now I sober, happy in my family life and my own boss starting out as a digital entrepreneur making a living online.

Sometimes it can feel like we are a wild animal placed in a zoo where it no longer knows how to hunt for itself, a creature with no purpose. Why do we get like this? Why do we live these mediocre lives, the path of least resistance? Is it because we think its the easy option, but is the easy option making you happy, or is the easy life making you bored and miserable? To break out of this cycle of drudgery we need to mobilize ourselves, but are we ready to do that? Life isn’t all about the comforts, its about growing and developing; getting out of your comfort zone not sat on the sofa stuffing yourself with pizza. We need to accept this and take action to progress in our lives. Life in the modern age has been made easy, with no self discipline so we become lazy and don’t invest in ourselves. Do we accept this or do we need a change in the direction of our lives. If we want to change then we need a monumental mind shift. We need to be radically open minded to look deep inside ourselves and create a vision of what we want from our lives. The fundamental concepts of western philosophy we follow that have been instilled in us from society are keeping us in a prison cell of our own making. Meditation and Yoga have helped me beyond belief to become mindful and concentrate on a path of discipline to overcome addiction, depression, anxiety and to grow as a person. These mindful practices can lead you to very deep insights into what you want, who you are, and what is possible for you. Spending time working on yourself is priceless and moves you away from the many external influences coming at you everyday, such as the media who instill beliefs and ideas in you that if you really thought about, probably don’t really hold true to your values.

Passion, Purpose, and Vision

What if you were to take a new direction in life and trust in your life passion, purpose and vision? Even if that was at the expense of other things such as the job you don’t really like anyway. Building a passion for life is important, its why so many of us are unhappy. Let’s be clear, passion is not about what you get in life, passion is what you do to get it. If life is a journey then why not continue the journey doing something you are passionate about? What about your purpose in life? Is it to be a good human being, a good wife / husband, a good parent? Sure these are great things to do but is that really all your purpose is? If we really think about what we can provide to this world to make it a better place, we can give back to a world we take so much from.

The most important facets of self development and shaping our future is vision. To sit and visualise what we want from our lives is a key skill and will get us more than you thought possible. With out it we are going to fail. If we are depressed, having a hard time, hate our jobs, or are struggling in a relationship then we need a vision to turn things around. Slow down and visualise. If its not working then do it more, work on it. If you don’t have a vision then get one and then go and realise it, put in the work. All the vision in the world is worth nothing without commitment and work ethic. There’s no magic solution. If something isn’t happening then work twice as hard. Have a vision and work hard for your career, relationship, health etc. If nothing changes, nothing changes, something I can relate to as a recovering alcoholic. Take ownership, stop blaming others, stop looking for short cuts, stop looking to others for answers and what you want. Take the effort to learn, read and research. Create a vision for yourself, work hard at it, build momentum and don’t give up. Everyday there is so much to do, life is an adventure. If you sit on your couch then what kind of adventure is that?


Perfect day

One way to start off your vision is to sit down and write out what your perfect day would look like. Do it in minute detail and explain how everything you are doing is making you feel. Now contrast that to your day today. Is there a huge disparity? If so then what are you going to do about it? I put off doing anything for years and suffered the consequences. I hope you don’t do the same. What have I discovered as my passion in life now? It’s helping people get out of the life that they don’t want to be in. What is my life purpose? It’s to show people how they can change their lives forever by starting an online business from scratch like I have, so they can work from anywhere where there is an internet connection and have the time and freedom to do what they want. What is my vision? My vision is to live myself, the life I am offering you in my purpose; the freedom and time a multi million $ business will provide. If I can spend most of my day meditating I’ll be happy.

Step back, have a vision and unlock the door to your personal prison.

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